Digital Services:

The fusion of digital, imaginary and visionary.

• Digital and Traditional Marketing
• Creative Services (Graphic Designers and Artists)
• UX/UI Design
• Media Buying
• Social Media Management

Sales and Acquisitions:

Because without customer or client the rest hardly matters.

• B2B and Software Sales
• Sales Trainers
• B2C Sales and Direct Marketing
• Affiliate Marketing
• Telesales
• Lead Generation and Cleansing

HR and Talent Development:

Whether its finding or building talent, we over-exceed expectations.

• HR
• Recruitment
• Corporate and SME Personnel Testing, Evaluations and Training
• Business Coaching
• Team building and Trainers

IT and Development:

The Now, The Tomorrow, The Must and The Only Way.

• IT Infrastructure Architects
• Product Owners
• Scrum Masters
• IT Infrastructure Leads
• Frontend Developers
• QA Testers
• Backend Developers
• Mobile App Developers
• IT Project Managers
• Business Analysts

All Things Data:

For data driven and informed decision making.

• Data Analysts
• Data Scientists
• AI Solutions Leads
• BI Analysts
• Machine Learning Specialists

E-commerce Operations:

The often invisible, yet intrinsic and invincible heroes that not only make things happen, but also keep them going.

• Customer Service Agents
• Platform Solutions Client Account Managers
• AML, KYC, Fraud Control Specialists
• Payment Solution Provider liaison and integration specialists
• Content and Catalogue Managers
• Ticket Desk Agents